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The world first for pool owners:

The Ovenstone Plug-In Filter System

Discover the world’s first pool filtration, which can do without chemicals.

The result: Crystal clear water, as you only know it from a Swiss mountain lake!

Yes, it even has drinking water properties!

100 luxury, designed for you!

OVENSTONE stands for unique oases of peace and dreamlike spaces for relaxation, joy and well-being.

Experience the absolute luxury up close and make a free appointment to visit!

We design your pool

We renovate your pool, install a new swimming pool or install an indoor pool with our partners on site. On request, we can also redesign your entire outdoor area so that you can enjoy your free time!

Test for free and without obligation

Convince yourself of the quality and jump into one of our pools.

WARNING: People who have an Ovenstone pool are often visited by friends, have big parties and envious neighbors!

Who invented it?

The company Ovenstone Wellness AG from Switzerland, develops the plug-in system, which is the first of its kind in the world. After the inventor Simon Ovenstone did not find a good solution for crystal clear water, without deposits and chemistry, he developed this unique system with various professors and engineers, from all over Europe.

Take a quick look at the video and see for yourself!

Your advantages at a glance:

• Crystal clear water complete without chlorine and chemistry

• Your skin feels fresh and clean

• No more burning eyes

• Save time, money and gain more health

• Maximum cleaning effort of 15 minutes – per week!

Instead of €37,500.00

Only 32,500 € plus Vat.

In addition, there are freight and packaging costs.

Contact us to get a personal offer!

The heart of your woh-feeling oasis

Our customers are thrilled!

“Super soft, clear and clean water. The difference to conventional baths is unbelievable!”

“The eyes don’t burn anymore and the skin feels like I’ve showered. I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“I have been looking for a chemical-free alternative to clean my pool water for a long time. Ovenstone’s filter system is unique and unbeatable”

Treat yourself to the best of the best!

Our promise:

There is no other system in the world that combines luxury, comfort and fun as smoothly as the Ovenstone filter system!

Warning: People who have an Ovenstone pool are often visited by friends, have big parties and envious neighbors!

Simply make an appointment to visit a swimming pool. You can also take your bathing suits with you to feel the quality of the water yourself!

I look forward to advising you personally soon!

Simon Ovenstone

Business owner of Ovenstone Wellness AG